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10 Slides Power Point Of ICD 10 Coding Audit

10 slides Power point presentation illustrating findings and recommendations for medical center leadership.


Background:  As a health information professional, it is essential that you are able to audit the quality of ICD 10 CM coding.  


*OIG Model Compliance Plan for Hospitals: https://oig.hhs.gov/authorities/docs/cpghosp.pdf


*How to Choose the Right Coding Audit Method, AHIMA BoK: https://bok.ahima.org/doc?oid=302442#.XQ0XUYhKi70


*Best Practices in Coding Audits: https://www.fortherecordmag.com/archives/0118p10.shtml


Learning Objectives:  After completing of this exercise the student will be able to:

  • Audit for coding accuracy
  • Evaluate coding accuracy
  • Summarize the findings, including developing a list of recommendations for improvement.

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