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2 Short Answer History Questions

Im looking for you to be concise. A good short essay will make a brief argument, offer three or four examples to support your answer and briefly discuss how things changed over time.

1. The United States underwent a series of great transformations during the years 1820 and 1850. In what wayssocial, political, cultural, and technologicalwere these transformations apparent? What impact did these transformations have on America? What possible consequencespositive and negativedid the changes occurring in America have on real people?

2. What were the causes of the Civil War? Why did the North and the South choose the path of military conflict in 1861? In other words, was the war necessary or inevitable? Was a relatively peaceful resolution (along the lines of modern Czechoslovakia or the former Soviet Union, for example) possible? Why did the North refuse to let the South just leave the Union? Why did the South resist to the bitter end

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