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Wedding & Corsini: Ch. 15

1. Darld Sue, Ph.D., On Multicultural Competence.

2. Ken Hardy, Ph.D., Psychological Residuals from Slavery
3. Sue Johnson, Ph.D., Emotion Focused Therapy

Discussion Post:
Briefly chart the history of Multicultural psychology and explain how Multicultural psychotherapy works. Integrate material from one or more of the video contents in your discussion along with the reading.



Student respond to the main post

Multicultural Psychology is a form of psychology that focuses specifically on people who are culturally diverse. Advocates for multicultural psychotherapy focus on cultural sensitivity. All of this pertains to support, awareness, respect, and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Since the beginning, early theoretical influences such as psychological anthropology, ethnopsychology, folk healing, and cultural anthropology have contributed to the change in culture and the creation of multiculturalism. All the listed orientations have impacted multiculturalism and enriched cultural and behavioral discourse (Wedding & Corsini, 2014).

As time went on, there were more movements fighting for minority rights called minority-empowerment movements. These movements developed multicultural psychotherapies and marginalized groups were named identity politics, black power, women’s rights, brown power, and LGBT movements. These were the highlighted movements that raised consciousness and brought more empowerment over social inequities.

Another major influence on the movement of multicultural psychotherapies is the model the educate the oppressed. In 1973, Paulo Freire created the term conscientization. It is critical consciousness as a process of personal and social liberation (Wedding & Corsini, 2014). However, multiculturalism covers more than the struggles in culture and consciousness. Multiculturalism covers anything that someone with cultural background could struggle with.

Sue Johnson’s video focuses on couples in a therapy session. Johnson’s therapy format is structured and manualized. This couple was on the brink of divorce and explained how the husband can have softer emotions that are under his stronger emotions. These emotions were foreign territory for the couple and Johnson’s coping mechanisms helped the husband explore the softer side of himself. This method, when used consistently was able to spark hope for the couple.


(Links to an external site.)Sue Johnson, Ph.D., Emotion Focused Therapy

Wedding, D. & Corsini, R. (2014). Current psychotherapies (10th ed.). Belmont, CA:
Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning.

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