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6 reasons why or why school uniforms should be mandated

Please conduct an argument on the following topic




Should school uniforms be mandated?


You must look at and CONSIDER the opposing arguments (as every inductive argument must). It means that listing them is not good enough; you have to say which premises you find true or strong (and why) and which ones you find false or weak (and why) — otherwise your argument would be one-sided. Obviously, accepting certain premises against our argument will not make it weaker since every issue is complex.
                     4. Strong feelings or even high passion are not elements of critical thinking; only reason is, as well as factual information. Morality, religion, value judgments, desires, wishes, preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes do not make good subjects for critical arguments! Why? Because others may have other dislikes and likes, tastes, preferences, wishes, desires, value judgments, religion or morality, and the answer to the question regarding those, ‘why do they prefer what they prefer instead of what we prefer’ the answer is ‘just because.’ End of story.




Minimum of 350 words! Please scholarly resources within the last 5 years.




This short article may help: http://






Please include the following


 1. 6 reasons why or why school uniforms should be mandated


 2. 4 opposing arugments to the topic

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