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9 Core Competencies paper

INSTRUCTIONS: This assignment due date will be assigned by the course instructor and
the BSW Field Coordinator. It is worth 100 points. Each student is to do her/his own work
in a manner consistent with the University policy on intellectual integrity and plagiarism.
Students should prepare professionally typed responses to each question. This assignment
should be professionally prepared paper adhering to the APA format. The paper should be
typed, double spaced and 8-10 pages in length. No abstract is required, however, you are to
introduce your paper to your audience. 

All references must be appropriately cited as dictated by the APA guide (6thedition).  Information from previous courses as well as SWK 215 will be helpful in preparing your responses. Please answer all questions completely and in a professional manner. Please use examples to illustrate your answers. Much of your learning will take place from an observational perspective.

I.    Social Work/Social Welfare History

A.    Explain one historical event that has had a major impact on the services delivered by your agency. Explain why this event is significant. What is the primary purpose of the agency? What social problems or social issues does the agency address? How do agency services advance human rights? How does this agency address social and economic justice?

B.    What is the purpose of social work in your agency? Describe some of the functions of social workers in the agency. Why, in your opinion, are social workers best suited for these functions? Explain how social workers impact the delivery of services to consumers. How long have social workers been delivering services in your agency?

II.    Structure of Services and Institution

A.    Describe your field placement agency? Is it Public or Private? What is/are the primary sources of funding for the agency? What is the general philosophy of your agency in delivering services? Identify one policy that affects clients in your agency.

B.    Describe the type of services provided by the agency. Explain and describe the following: focus of services (issues addressed), types of services provided, eligibility criteria, and client population (age, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic level, education, etc.). Choose one of the issues addressed by your agency and explain its global status.
C.    What is the governing structure of your agency? Explain how your work unit fits within this structure?
D.    How does the agency evaluate practice? How is the information used to improve service delivery? How do employees remain current with practice related research and information?
E.    How is your agency different or similar to one of your colleagues (fellow students) field placement agency? How do these differences enhance or impede service delivery?
F.    Explain some of the characteristics that a social worker could have in order to be effective working in your agency. Would you consider working for this agency? Explain in detail your response.

III.    Generalist Social Work Practice/Ethics and Values

A.    Define generalist practice and discuss your observations of social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. Illustrate your knowledge of generalist practice with specific examples from your agency.

B.    Discuss the following concepts in relations to the kinds of situations social workers experience in the agency that cause them to behave in an ethical manner.

1.    Confidentiality
2.    Dual Relationships
3.    Cultural Competence and Social Diversity
4.    Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues
5.    Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to Professionals.

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