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A Comparison of Cultures

Learning Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between cultural worldviews, health beliefs, and food habits.

Instructions: All cultures share similarities and differences in the way they view life, health, and food. Assignment 6. Cultural Paper: A Comparison of Cultures is a 5-page paper in which a student describes and compares their culture with a culture different than their own in a positive way.
For the paper, students will choose one country with a culture different than their own and compare their culture to the culture of that country. The culture of the student will be based on their own cultural preferences as to the area the student was born and raised in. The country chosen can be the same used in Assignment 5. Travel Brochure.
When comparing the two cultures, students will write a positive description about what is the same and what is different.
Please follow these guidelines:

    The minimum length for this assignment is 5 pages of text, using double-spaced lines; a cover page (not required) and reference page (required) do not count as part of the 5 pages of text.

    Write the paper in third person Avoid use of I or you.; can use they, their, them, or it.

    Use Times New Roman and font size 12.

    The paper needs to have: Introductory paragraph, Body paragraphs (around 3 sentences per paragraph) and a Conclusion paragraph.

    Please include in the Introduction a sentence that expresses the main idea of the paper; For example, The Southeast Asian culture and the [students culture] share some of the same basic foods, values, traditions, and health beliefs; however, there are some cultural differences. 

    If born and raised in the US, students may base their culture on the regional areas of the US as noted in Chapter 15, such as culture of the American MidWest or American South or Western American culture.

    If direct quotations are used in the paper, there is a limit of two direct quotations, which must be properly cited using APA guidelines to prevent plagiarism.

    The paper can compare the following between the two cultures:
o    Predominant Religion
o    Family Extended or Nuclear views of importance 
    Traditional Health Beliefs and Practices
    Staple Foods
    Cooking Styles (Frying, Steaming,.)
    Etiquette (e.g. eat only with right hand, hands on table..)
    Therapeutic Uses of Food the food and what it treats or prevents
    Nutritional Status/Issues
    Special Foods on Special Occasions/Holidays
    Current Demographics

    Paper must be in APA format with in-text citations and a reference page.

    Include all sources used in the paper in the reference page.

Reference page titled References to be centered at top of page

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