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A Guide For Students In Your Major (Design)

You will create a guide for students in your major that gives them guidance on applying for an internship or job during a pandemic.


1. Read chapter 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5 in Open Technical Communication. You do not need to follow the exact instructions for creating headings in the guide you’re creating, but if you want to use the text’s suggestions, you can.

4.3. https://softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/GZgMx1yw3kRhzL/html

4.4. https://softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/ZEQwxjK8lbSPHW/html

4.5. https://softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/ZMGKROIxY9C6Jp/html

2 .https://www.perkinselearning.org/technology/blog/how-write-alt-text-and-image-descriptions-visually-impaired  by Veroniiiica. If you include images in your guide, you will need to supply image descriptions!

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