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A lesson Plan

STEM 205 Final Project:  elementary class math project

Objective:  In this project based learning (PBL) assignment, you will design and execute a STEM project that will tie into an elementary math lesson. The project focuses on mathematics learning while integrating science, technology, and engineering to engage elementary students and deepen their mathematical thinking. The project should help elementary students understand the application of mathematics in STEM and use mathematical ideas to solve problems that are related to real-life. Teacher candidates are expected to design the STEM project independently by drawing on the course resources and other resources available to them.

Procedure:  there are FOUR parts to your project:

[1]  Researching your project

First, you need to choose a type of project that you would give your students.  Look to your textbooks for innovative ways to teach math and use PBL with STEM-centered projects.  Visit some of the following websites for more ideas:






Once you know the form your project will take, then you need a topic for your project (remember this is an elementary STEM math project, so it needs to tie into a math class lesson)choose an appropriate math lesson for an elementary class!

frame it around a real-world application (ex. weather, space, disease)

use current news issues and real organizations (NASA, NOAA, CDC)

make it a fun and interesting topic for elementary students (but make sure it is of importance and that you demonstrate and discuss its importance)

[2]  Create your math lesson plan (remember to make it STEM based)

feel free to tie it into one of the topics in your textbook on math content

ex.  fractions, ratios, the number line, negative numbers, etc.

go the following website for examples on how to write and format lesson plans:


http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/109051/chapters/[email protected] 

[3]  Project overview and detailed description

[4]  Create a formative assessment for the lesson that compliments the project

include an answer key with explanations and a grading rubric

ex. short quiz, test, essay, reflection, etc.

Final Project Format and Elements:

In this assignment, you will submit a 5 page minimum (NOT including title and references) written educational proposal of your project.  This document will be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman or Arial font of 11 or 12 font size, with 1-inch margins.  It should include the following components to describe the project and discuss the importance of it:

Title page (with your name, date, class, and name of your project)

Page 1:  Introduction to the STEM project: at least a page on the topic of your project, time period, objectives and standards covered (reference CCSSM, NGSS).  Provide background information on your topic and discuss the current issues or real world events you are using to engage students.

Page 2:  Rationale of the STEM project: why you chose this topic, importance of it and of the project, how STEM is important to your project, the connection with STEM and math, math teaching strategies you are employing to engage students in this project

Page 3:  Your STEM math lesson plan:  visit the websites in the previous section to find out more information on ways to format lesson plans. 

Page 4:  The Steps of the STEM project:  this is the detailed explanation and setup of your projectwhat is it, what is the procedure, what is the format, what is the end result, and what is the learning objective(s)?

Page 5:  Assessment of student learning:  create an assessment piece that includes the answer key with explanations that could be used to grade students on their comprehension of your math project and lesson.

References page

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