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abortion rights

Assignment Logistics:
*Your paper should be a minimum of 5-7 pages, 12-Point, double spaced, written in Times New Roman or similar font and include a minimum of 3 reputable sources in your Bibliography/References section. Your grade will be based on following these writing guidelines, in addition to the overall quality of your paper, fluidity, accuracy, and adherence to the prescribed assignment logistics. Your Bibliography/References section will not count towards the length of your paper.

Your paper should focus on your topic which should include:

1) The unfamiliar social group, culture, or organization you identified in your Topic Proposal and

2) A social problem or pressing issue the group faces.   

Your paper should include information and/or responses to ALL of the following:

1)  What specific group or population did you research and write about?
2) What is the pressing social issue or problem that you are writing about? [Be specific and provide evidence, and source information to establish and prove that the issue or problem exists specific to the group you have selected.]

3) Why did you select that particular group and issue?
4) What is the primary/main or popular argument or position about this issue and how it impacts the group?
5) How does the same issue/problem impact or affect other groups?
6) What are the counterarguments or contrasting perspectives about the issue?
7) Share your perspective/thoughts/feelings about the issues?
8) What new information or insight did you learn?
9) What information/insight emerged that you did not expect?
10) What questions do you still have about the issue or the group after conducting your research?

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