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1. A sales rep from AdVance spends several months with the buyer for a company that owns a dozen farms understanding the buyer’s needs, and puts together a proposal for several fertilizers produced for the company’s specific needs. When the sale is about to close, the buyer decides to purchase a cheaper, pre-made, standardized formula from another supplier. What is the most likely explanation of the outcome of the interaction?
2. You have just been hired as a Vice-President sales of a large multinational company. One of your sales consultants, Mr. David,  just droped his resignation. The HR department is about to schedule an exit interview with him. In the feedback document (prepared by HR), it is written that Mr. David has always complained about long working hours and tough competition. The HR thinks he has a wrong idea about sales and the appropriate attitude needed to succeed in the role and that they see a potential in this employee. Prepare the main ideas you will share with David to change his attitude towards sales and motivate him to stay. 
At least 1 page and 1/2 for the answers

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