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active euthanasia

    This is a healthcare ethics case analysis essay, therefore you must find at least one (1), no more than three (3) news articles from a reputable source

!!!Topic already selected be sure to read all the instructions provided carefully!!!

    The case should have a controversial issue, i.e., should not be obviously one sided. You must explain what the controversy is and why its interesting in your essay..

    At least five pages (5), no more than seven (7). The page requirement is for full pages. Page requirements establish a basic set of parameters for good writing. If youre going through a good writing process, the page requirement should be easy to meet. Essays that do not meet the page requirement will receive an automatic D.

    Essays must use MLA or Chicago style, must be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

    Essays must also have a clearly articulated thesis statement. Your thesis will articulate a moral judgment on the decisions made by the individuals involved.

    Make effective use of the text from the course readings. You should have approximately one good textual reference per paragraph. Remember to always closely analyze the text and relate its importance to your thesis statement. Essays that make no reference to the course texts will receive an automatic D.

!!!!!!!!I have already selected the topic of of active euthanasia and have provided 2 texts with opposing views for you to use WITH the articles(s) you choose!!!!!!!!!

Generous tip if it gets an A 🙂

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