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Advanced Foodservice Operations Management

– ProSim Restaurant Simulation:
The ProSim Restaurant Simulation gives you the opportunity to make a variety of decisions with the goal of turning around a struggling operation.  You will be provided feedback on your strategies for improvement and be able to see the ultimate results of those strategies.
This assignment consists of successfully completing the ProSim Restaurant Simulation.  The grade for successful completion of the assignment will be generated by the ProSim class site and then I will transfer it to the uLearn grade center.
– ProSim Turnaround Description:
Students take over a struggling restaurant and restore it to profitability. To achieve this, they follow a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems. This approach is presented as a diagnostic flow chart. Students look sequentially at generating customer demand, fulfilling customer demand, and then fulfilling customer demand cost effectively. Finally, they apply their knowledge and the diagnostic process to turnaround a second struggling restaurant.
– Instructions for Purchasing the ProSim Restaurant Simulation:
+) Folder Below
– ProSim Restaurant Simulation Feedback:
Please provide a one- to two-page essay on your impressions of the ProSim Restaurant Simulation.  Please discuss the appropriateness of this activity relative to the course content, the appropriateness of the time necessary to complete the simulation and the usefulness of the activity relative to the course outcomes.  Your feedback is valued and much appreciated.

here is the document professor provide us below

Instructions for Purchasing the ProSim Restaurant Simulation
Here is the email I received from Maureen Ginley, my contact at
Knowledge Matters. It gives specific instructions on how to register and
pay for the simulation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any
Hi Brian,
Thank you for your email. I have set up your ProSim course with just the
Turnaround assignment. The price per student will be $9.99. Your course
key is: MB8QZ7. Students will be prompted for your course key during
registration. To register, please have students visit
prosim.knowledgematters.com and click on the “Register Now” button.
Students will be prompted to fill out their information including your
course key and after they submit their information, they will receive a
confirmation email. They must click on the link within this email in
order to confirm enrollment. After they do this, they will be able to
log in to the program. If students don’t see the log in email come
through to their inbox, they should check their spam/junk email folder.
The first time that students log in, they will be prompted to pay. They
will be able to pay via PayPal through our site. They do not have to
have a PayPal account in order to pay via this method. They will be able
to check out as a guest.

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