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Advanced Object-Oriented Programming with C #

Short Assignments 2:

Complete the following:

Create a base class for a banking account. Decide what characteristics are common for checking and saving accounts and include these characteristics in the base class. Define subclasses for checking and savings. In your design, do not allow the banking base account to be instantiated only the checking and saving subclasses. Include a presentation class to test your design.

–    Based on inheritance, polymorphism and abstract classes
–    Save your project as LabTest2_XX_999 where XX stands for the initials of your first and last name and 999 stands for the last 3 digits of your student number.
–    Put some impotent comments/notes.
–    Solution code must be submitted on time otherwise it will not be marked.

Important Note:
# Do not copy from anyone, anywhere or any website.
# If two peoples (or more) provide equivalent solutions and /or assignments are the same (or very much alike) they will all get 0 marks and be reported to the faculty.
# So again, this is your warning, be cautious not to share your application and solutions with others.

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