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Advanced Pharmacology

***Outline format Essay***
Standardized procedures are the legal document to guide nurse practitioners to perform functions within their scope of practice. Standardized procedures must be developed in collaboration with all parties involve in the care of the patients, including nurse practitioners, physicians, and administrators. This assignment requires students to create a standardized procedure document that can be used in their future practice setting.

1. Review California state regulations for policies and procedures related to Standardized Procedure (Attached as a additional material- npr-i-19)

2. Review these guidelines and develop an original, research based, Disease Specific Standardized Procedure (protocol). The BRN has provided sample Standardized Procedures (also attached – npr-b-20).

Topic will be about upper respiratory tract infection.

3. The paper must include, but not limited to the following:
  a.) Specify which standardized procedure functions the FNP may perform and under what circumstances.
  b.) State any specific requirements which are to be followed by the FNP in performing particular standardized procedure functions.
  c.) Establish a method for initial and continuing evaluation of the competence of thoseFNPs authorized to perform standardized procedure functions.
  d.) Diagnosis criteria
  e.) Treatment guidelines

Reference list of at least four recent, appropriate, research-based journal references and one clinical guideline. References must be from current practice literature.

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