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Affordable Care Act

Write a 2 page (content) paper on the beginnings/history of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the impact, negative or positive or both, on healthcare professions and healthcare expenditure, the purpose of a national healthcare system and the unintentional consequences that the ACA will have or already has on the US healthcare system. Use strict APA format, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.  You must have a title page and reference page (number of total pages=4) and use professional and organizational websites as references (at least 2). Be neat and please PROOFREAD your paper before submitting. Put in Word or PDF and submit to this module for grading.

Utilize the outline as follows for your paper:

1. Introduction

2. History of ACA

3. Purpose of the ACA

3. Impact of the ACA on professions and expenditures.

4. Unintentional consequences of ACA

5. Conclusion

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