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Ageism and Covid

Read a few articles. Create 5 slides with reference slide at the end. Explain how this issue will impact the wellbeing of older adults. Also explain what ageism is on the first slide.
Create a few PowerPoint slides to explain the issue on Ageism and Covid in the articles and list your references on the last slide.
Read all of these articles Fraser, S., Lagac, M., Bongu, B., Ndeye, N., Guyot, J., Bechard, L., … & Tougas, F. (2020). Ageism and COVID-19: What does our societys response say about us?. Age and ageing, 49(5), 692-695.
Jen, S., Jeong, M., Kang, H., & Riquino, M. (2021). Ageism in COVID-related newspaper coverage: The first month of a pandemic. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 76(9), 1904-1912.

Rahman, A., & Jahan, Y. (2020). Defining a risk group and ageism in the era of COVID-19. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 25(8), 631-634.


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