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Airbnb: Home Sharing in China

(1) Identify and analyse key issues:
Identifies clear and appropriate issues in the case; presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all issues identified; supports analysis with relevant data, reasons and arguments.
(2) Develop alternatives:
Demonstrates sophisticated understanding of case data in developing alternatives; develops alternatives following from analysis.
(3) Evaluate each option and make your recommendation:
Establishes reasonable criteria and chooses the best alternatives that meet criteria; provides detailed, realistic and appropriate recommendations clearly supported by analysis.
(4) Provide an action plan:
Provides a specific, appropriate and detailed action plan; presents clear and specific timelines; identifies the challenges in implementation; and considers ways to mitigate the potential risks.
Some preparation questions are listed below to guide you in the analysis of each cases. But answers to these questions are not considered as a full case report.

Each case report should not be more than 2,500 words. Please format it with 1.5 line spacing, font type Times New Roman and size 12. In the document, please put your name and student number in the header and file title.

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