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An email

1.This essay is an email. The receiver is Mark’s Student Success Center. Mark Student Success Center is the central consulting office for all undergraduate business majors. They help students with academic planning (including general education and professional course requirements), the graduation application process, understanding college and university policies and procedures, career guidance, and counseling students who are on academic probation or do not qualify for San Jose State University.
2.Our school now adopts fully online classes, students still have a complex feeling about this mode. So the purpose of this email is to make suggestions within Mark’s Success Center (and within authority) to support students’ success.
3.The purpose of this essay is to write an email and give suggestions to Mark’s student success center on how the student can be successful during fully online classes.
4.Please check the attachment to see how students feel about online classes.
5.Please divided it into two-paragraphs.
6. The first paragraph describe the own feeling about the online class, the second one would be the suggestions.

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