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An reduce retirement age to 50 for the employees

  The research paper consists of the bill that you write and propose for the 4th Discussion Board forum and the research that was done to craft your bill and explain the debate surrounding your bill, both on the discussion board and in the real US Senate.

    The research includes  general information on the issue, similar bills that you found, information to support the passage of your bill, and arguments against your bill. This should include the debate surrounding your issue among legislators, bureaucrats, interest groups, the media, the president, and constituents. If there are questions concerning the constitutionality of an issue or other legal challenges, you should include the debate within the court system. You will use this information to provide an accurate analysis of the likely fate of your bill in the real US Senate, including what would happen in committee and on the Senate floor.
I have provided a research guide with useful sources for information on legislation and the debate surrounding various policies. The link is located on this page after the instructions and rubric.
    The research paper must be a minimum of 1000 words with in-text citations and a Works Cited page containing a minimum of six (6) sources. I will not accept papers with less than the minimum research. There is no maximum limit. The Works Cited page does not count toward the total word count.
    The  research paper is due via online submission by November 29th. It is worth 140 points. Late assignments will have five points deducted for each hour after the deadline that they are submitted.

Please check off each of these requirements before turning in your paper:
Is your name on the assignment?
Did you include a copy of your bill?
Did you include a minimum of 1000 words of research with in-text citations?
Did you include a Works Cited page?
Please address the following topics and answer the following questions in your research:
Research on the issue you are addressing (2-3 paragraphs; 200-300 words; 20%)
– What is the problem?
– What are possible solutions?
– What are the goals of your bill?
Research on similar bills in the US Congress, state legislatures and /or legislatures in other countries (2-4 paragraphs; 200-400 words; 20%)
– What has been proposed and / or passed?
– What is similar and what is different from your bill?
Research on the debate surrounding your issue (2-4 paragraphs; 200-400 words; 20%
– What interest groups are involved in this debate and what are their positions?
– What do the party platforms or party leaders have to say?
– What does the president or members of the bureaucracy say?
– What do the courts have to say?
– What does the media and public opinion have to say?
Fate of your bill in DB forum and analysis of fate in the real US Senate (2-4 paragraphs; 200-400 words; 20%)

– What happened in the discussion board forum?
– What would happen in the real US Senate? Why?
The remaining 20% of your grade is based on the organization, grammar and citations.

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