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analyzing a sample report

In this discussion, you will re-write a sample paper’s executive summary by applying the format and structure from the Victoria Business School Report (I WILL SENT TO WRITER). You will also critique the paper’s use of research.  .

Please examine the sample research-based report, Evening Shades.(I WILL SENT TO WRITER)

Then answer the following questions.

1. Examine the executive summary.  Please re-write the executive summary using the example from the Victoria Business School as your model.  In other words, read over the executive summary from the report in the document from the Victoria Business School.  Then rewrite the executive summary for the Evening Shades report in the format and structure of the Victoria Business School report.

2. Look at the references used in this paper.  How trustworthy are the sources, and can they be improved upon?  You can write one or two sentences in answering this question.

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