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Which of the five special senses do you think is the most important? (SIGHT) What is the rationale for your choice? When explaining your reasoning, describe the importance of the special sense.

)SIGHT is the sense chosen)

When responding to your classmates, choose classmates who have chosen different special senses as the most important and try to convince them why another sense could be seen as more important.

Please respond to these two post ( it can be a short response)

1.I feel that smell is the most important special sense. Smell is linked to taste, memories, emotion and overall health. An article from the fifthsense.org notes that losing your sense of smell can have a serious negative affect on people. They may experience depression and an inability to feel connected to the world around them and in some instances lose their ability to form memories connections in the brain (fifthsenseorg, n.d.) There is also a link suggesting that people diagnosed with Alzheimers and Parkinsons have a diminished sense of smell indicating that there may be a stronger connection with smell and memory that previously thought (Wick, 2019)

Our sense of smell can also alert us of danger by identifying gas leaks or smoke from a fire. It can also be useful in avoiding spoiled food or choosing a suitable partner. In general, I feel that smell has so many functions that link us to the world we live in and it would be a shame to lose it.

2.Humans possess the five special senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Of these five, I consider the sense of hearing to be the most important. This is so because it is very important that information that information is conveyed accurately and precisely without miscommunication. In my current career, accurate precise information is a matter of life and death. A perfect example is as a nurse taking a verbal or telephone order for a medication or procedure for a patient. In my line of work, this is a common practice. In order to get it accurate and precise, the order is repeated once and sometimes even twice for verification and confirmation; especially during emergency settings. Imagine what could happen if hearing the wrong order. I have also had experience of working with hearing impaired patients. This was also a challenge. One way of communication with with these individuals is lip reading or pen and paper, and even these methods leave room from miscommunication and misunderstanding. Hearing is a complex sense and requires a series of actions and reactions; from sound waves entering the ear canal  to the eardrums and then picked up by the auditory nerves and sent to the brain to be interpreted as sounds. The ability to hear enables us to communicate in a way that none of the other senses does. The famous words of a famous activist and educator Helen Keller “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people”. True words.

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