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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

  The topic that I pick for this assignment is Should homosexual partners be allowed to adopt children?




The assignment is to construct an annotated bibliography based on a broad topic that is likely to contain controversial issues within its framework. This argument will be based on an issue you will choose based on your research during the annotated bibliography section of the assignment and will be detailed in an assignment called a research proposal—but more about the research proposal later.


An annotated bibliography is, in simple terms, a bibliography that includes, in addition to the normal bibliographic information, a short description of the work you are listing. Your bibliographic citation will look like a traditional APA citation, but will be followed by a brief paragraph describing the work and the reason it may be useful in researching your topic.


The assignment should include an APA cover page. You should title your page based on the subject of your bibliography, and each subsequent page should include a running head as well as the page number. Additionally, the entries should be alphabetical with a hanging indent.


The bibliography should contain 15 academic peer reviewed sources and is to be printed and turned in on paper. The due date for this assignment is at the end of class on Friday October 11th.

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