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A. Transgression of the Law 

1. Who was right, the Roman consul or the military engineer of Athens in determining the proper battering ram for the siege?  Explain.

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2. Can you envision both the behaviors and interactions between the Roman consul and the military engineer (excluding the punishment) happening in todays times? On the other hand, are their behaviors and interactions limited to that point in time? 

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3. If you were the military engineer, how would you have gone about convincing the Roman consul that your battering ram was the better one for the siege?

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B. Observance of the Law

4. Do marketers today use similar tactics such as those used by Michaelangelo to get the approval of Soderni?  Give examples.  Is Michaelangelo being deceitful? Why or why not? 

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C. Keys to Power

5. What in your estimation would have been the response of the mayor if he found out that the two columns never touched the ceiling after two months time?  After finding this out, if the mayor passed Sir Christopher Wren on the street that day, would he say anything to Sir Christopher Wren and if so, then what would you imagine that he would say?

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