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Any area of psychology (your choice but preferably social cognition)

I’m going to add the exact instructions.

This 5-page (do not exceed 5 pages of text) paper will be about an area of psychology of your choosing. You must have at least four different (as in not all from the internet) references, outside of your textbook. These can be books, peer reviewed journals, personal interviews, legitimate internet sites, etc. Wikipedia is not acceptable. The paper must discuss your topic from a theoretical, empirical, and authoritative framework. As such, your opinion is NOT important and should not be considered appropriate for this assignment. Your paper is to be written at a college level using APA formatting. This means it should be typed, double spaced, and free from grammatical errors (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). Include title and reference pages. Do NOT include an abstract or running head). As previously stated, your paper MUST be a full 5 pages and NO MORE), double spaced (before you submit it). Your research should cover the following:

1) historical perspective

2) theoretical concepts

3) practical application

4) any other interesting tidbits

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WRITE THE PAPER YOURSELF USING THE INFORMATION YOU GATHERED FROM RELIABLE AND APPROPRIATE REFERENCE MATERIALS. AGAIN, CITE ALL SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PAPER. You must have at least 5 different resources and only two of them can come from internet websites that are NOT peer-reviewed. You must use peer-reviewed journal articles for the majority of your references.

CONTENT WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM THROUGH VERICITE, SO DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE from your sources. IF VERICITE INDICATES THAT YOUR PAPER IS MORE THAN 10% COPIED, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN F (ZERO POINTS) ON THE ASSIGNMENT (with no exceptions ie 11% score will be zero points). Keep in mind that if it sounds copied, then it probably is. As well, you may NOT submit a paper that you wrote for another class; it will come up as plagiarized. Do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Problems should be addressed to me immediately. More information will be posted to the Canvas resource site as the due date approaches.

To clarify, points will be deducted for any of the following, including but not limited to:

a. submitting a paper you turned in for another class

b. not following APA format and citing ALL sources throughout the paper

c. numerous grammatical errors

d. plagiarism (see VERICITE scoring information above)

e. not fully explaining theoretical concepts or providing real world examples (application)

f. going over the 5 full pages limit (not including title page, references)

g. submitting less than 5 full pages (not including title page, references)

h. no references

i. references all come from basic internet sites, not peer reviewed journals and articles

Due: November 29, 2020 11:00pm

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