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You will conduct a peer review of another students paper for this application assignment. The idea
behind this assignment is to help you to improve your critical reading and proof reading skills, develop a
skill set of giving feedback to others in a professional manner and improve the final products (proposals)
submitted in this class. Your grade will be based upon:
Your attention to detail (enough comments and finding all mistakes and/or errors)
Your comments (accuracy and professionalism)
The accuracy of your feedback (not identifying something as an error if it isnt).
You will submit a draft of your research proposal by 6 pm, on Thursday of the week indicated in the
syllabus (same day as application 2 is due) the draft will be attached as a thread in the discussion
board titled Application 3. The professor will then assign a name to you of another student, for the
purpose of you conducting a peer review of their paper. You will read the paper of the student assigned
to you and conduct a thorough peer review of their paper using the rubric designed for this assignment.
You will then reply to that students paper with comments and attach the rubric. Your peer review must
be submitted by Thursday at 6 p.m. of the week listed in the syllabus for application 3. Please be sure to
download and use the peer review rubric for your comments and suggestions. Only complete and
detailed reviews will receive full credit for this assignment.
For this and all discussion board assignments your grade will be based upon the following:
Following directions (include all required information)
Professionalism (quality of writing including lack of error and use of APA)
Level of detail (included enough information as well as relevant required readings)

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