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I am working on a larger paper where I will analyze the implementation of an educational innovation through the Bolman and Deal’s “Four Frame Model”. What I am seeking help with is one particular aspect of this assignment, the literary review.

The literary review should include a section on innovation in schools, the four frames model, and building capacity in order for innovation to take hold in schools through the use of professional learning communities.

The paper should be organized as such:

Literary review on innovation in schools (300 words)
Literary review on “the four frames model” by Bolman and Deal (1000 words)
Literary review on “building capacity” for innovation through “professional learning communities” (500-700 words)

This literary review should be a critical analysis of the literature:
That is, draw attention to strengths and weaknesses in arguments, scope or methodologies.
Use counterarguments in the literature
Define the key concepts/theoretical components
Many sources should be used (I used 15-20 in a previous review)

Some useful resources on the last literary review section are:
Building the Capacity for School Improvement by Alma Harris (on SAGE)
Professional learning communities and system improvement by Alma Harris (on SAGE)
The Sustainability of Innovative Schools as Learning Organizations and Professional Learning Communities During Standardized Reform (also oon SAGE)

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