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Structured similar to our regular argumentative essays, the research paper will ask you to take a stance or position somewhere on the spectrum of opinions regarding your topic. Ideally, your topic will have a number of different sub-issues and therefore a number of variables you will have to deal with (i.e. the topic of illegal immigration contains sub-topics such as DACA and Dreamers, the Border Wall, Sanctuary Cities, Asylum Seekers, etc). You will also be required to examine at least one counter-arguments, the background/history of the issue, and the current status of the issue. There is a 4source minimum for the research paper, using points and quotes from those articles. At least 2of these must be scholarly or peer-reviewed (commonly articles found on library database). You are free to use newspaper articles or general current events articles, governmental websites, or organizational websites, but may not use any blogs or unverified sites. Ultimately, the research paper is nothing different from what weve done, simply on a bigger scale and heavily reliant on sources. Remember to still make your voice known in the paper, despite the increased use of outside sources. Research paper topics must be discussed and cleared by me, either in person or via email.
SPECIFICS:6-8 Full pages, not including Works CitedDouble SpacedTimes New Roman font, Size 121 Inch MarginsLast Name and Page # in Upper Right Hand CornerMLA In-Text Citation and Works Cited Page

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