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you will need to watch the video entitled, A Labor Arbitration Case Study: The Suspension of Nurse Kevin. This video runs for one hour and five minutes and it is based on a realistic but fictitious arbitration hearing involving a Nurse (Kevin) who received a disciplinary suspension as a penalty for alleged insubordinate behavior. You will observe the arbitration hearing and listen to the witnesses’ testimony. Your assignment is to take over the role of the neutral, third party arbitrator, decide how to rule on the case and to write the arbitration award.
I. The issue:
In very simple terms (one or two sentences), what is the question before the arbitrator? You will hear the parties agree on this at the beginning of the arbitration hearing.

II. The positions of the parties:
Managements position: Main bullet points
The Unions position: Main bullet points
III. Discussion and the arbitrators opinion:
Go through each of the points above (in part II) for union and management and discuss your opinion on each point and summarize. This should be the lengthiest section of your paper.

IV. The arbitrators award:
A short statement (one or two sentences) awarding the case in favor of either the union or management or some combination of the two.

There are three possible outcomes from which you need to decide:

The grievance is sustained (the Union and grievant prevail)
The grievance is denied (management prevails)
The grievance is sustained in part and denied in part (some form of a split decision)

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