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Relationships between employees and management are important in workplaces. Human relations are critical to the process of training employees, fostering workplace culture, resolving conflict, and in the end lead to positive results such as retention rate, creativity, productivity.

In this project, you will study one organization or company, to find out its efforts in promoting positive human relations in the workplace. The following information you may consider when collecting their efforts in human relations management.

1 mission/vision/belief/value

2. management philosophy, competence, leadership style,

3. workgroup influence, social supports, emotional support,

4. Job influence: responsibility, professional and skills training

5. Personal support: ability, interests, value, expectation

6. Family: work-family support and relations, family-friendly culture

7. others.

You will write a report about your study (1000 to 1500 words). In this short report you will include the following information:

Introduction (the company, your motivation for studying this company)
How do you collect the information?
The companys effort in human relations management
Problem or suggestion you would like to discuss according to what you have learned from this company?
Summary (what you have learned from this study)
Watch this video, it may give you an idea about the information you like to collect.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ANgEo40VSE (Links to an external site.)

APA style, an abstract, and a list of references (3 sources) are needed.

You may follow the link to find a company for your study, however, you are free to pick any company or organization you like to study. https://fortune.com/best-companies/

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