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feedback for this short story.(attached below)

Your feedback should be respectful, thoughtful, and specific

Your feedback letter will be TWO – THREE paragraphs in length (no shorter, no longer). You should spend the first TWO – THREE SENTENCES on what is working well in the story. The rest of your feedback should offer constructive criticism. For the constructive criticism, you should:

Focus on the following areas of the story that need revision:

PLOT: Is the plot organized? Could parts of it be expanded upon or condensed? Which events in the story would you change and why?

CHARACTERS: Are there interesting characters in the story that are developed, rather than just flat caricatures? How could the character be more developed? Do you, as the reader, have a stake in the main character and their goal?

SETTING: Is the setting of the story clear? Are there detailed descriptions of setting that
communicate a specific mood/tone? Do the characters and plot accurately reflect the setting? How can setting be improved upon in the story?

POINT OF VIEW: From what point of view is the story told? (1st Person uses I, and 3rd
Person uses he and she.) Does it stay consistently in this POV? Is this the right POV for the story?

VOICE/STYLE: What suggestions do you have in regards to the narrators VOICE? Does the
writer have a pleasant STYLE? Does the writer use vivid words and language to make the story come alive to you?

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