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Literature Review in online resources.
Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and quantitative approaches by Pam, M Ling (https://fiu.catalog.fcla.edu/permalink.jsp?27FI026049885) – available in course reserves. Writing Literature Reviews: a guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences (https://fiu.catalog.fcla.edu/permalink.jsp?27FI030908147) – available in the general collection.
      An earlier edition from the course reserves.
  Research articles to be used include Primary Research Studies, Systematic Reviews, and Meta-Analysis. The evidence should be critically analyzed, commented on, and discussed. It is anticipated that public health documents and professional organizational statements will be also be used in establishing the background of the problem. Please summarize information about what is known about the topic of interest (Moran et al., 2020, pg. 122-128).
Search Strategy: In the introduction to the literature review, provide details about your search strategy of the literature: 1) Databases searched; 2) Search terms used; 3) Search limitations (i.e. years, language, full text).




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