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Respond to 2 of the 5 prompts below. Be sure to complete all parts of the prompt. You need to write in complete sentences and in essay form. Thus, you must have a proper introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion for each response. Each response should be no less than 250 words. There should be NO outside research. If you cite from the text, please do so in proper MLA form. Upload this document as a Microsoft Word file or it will not be graded. To do so, save the document on your computer and upload that file into this link.

1. Explain your stance on the idea of rationality vs. spirituality. Use at least 2 examples from the texts that support your theory.
2. How is Benjamin Franklins idea of virtue connected to Winthrops Model of Christianity? Use at least 2 examples from the texts to support your response.
3. Compare the Iroquois Creation Myth to any other stories you know. How can we understand the story in reference to our own stories? Use at least 2 examples from the texts to aid your response.
4. How can we find elements of America in the Iroquois Creation Myth? Use at least 2 examples from the text to support your claim.
5. How does a point of view play a critical role in literature? How does it shape our idea of what is true? Use at least 2 examples from the texts to support your claim.

Book used: The Norton Anthology of American Literature Pre-1865, Ninth Edition
I can provide the login for the digital copy of the book for reference and information purposes.

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