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In Week 12 you completed a Poster/Presentation Draft assignment. You will submit that same presentation here, with any changes or updates that have since been made. If your previous draft received a perfect score, then you can submit the same document here as your final presentation.

Powerpoint presentation (20-24 point font)

Present the following sections:

1. Title Page:
a) Title of project (with all key variables in the title)
b) Name of Researcher(s)
c) Institution: University of North Texas at Dallas

2. Brief (3-6 slides) review of key ideas to orient audience:
What is the big idea (1-2 slides)
2-3 key ideas with research support (2-3 slides)

3. Rationale for your study (e.g., Why should someone pay you to do it?) (1 slide)
What need in the field does this study address (not broad importance of general area of study)? For example, is your project an extension of current research, theory testing, a replication study, or improvement on research design? How is it addressing a need in the field?

4. Hypothesis (1 slide)
Verbally explain what main effects and/or interactions you expect and in what direction you expect any differences.

5. Participants (1 slide)
Who did you use? How did you get them? Was anyone eliminated?

6. Methods: Materials and Procedures (2-3 slides)
Materials: Concept measured, name of scale, example item, citation. If other stimuli, provide bare bones on slide. Procedures: Ethics approval, Consent, Materials, Lay out any manipulations, Debriefing.

7. Results (1-2 slides)
What did you find? Be specific and frame this in terms of manipulations/variables

8. Conclusion (1-2 slides)

9. References (2-3 slides)

Presentations should be approximately 10-15 minutes total.

Research question is: A link between mental health and child obesity?

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