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Natural Sciences
Article Translation

Objectives: o Apply research methods to locate a peer reviewed source o Critically review, synthesize, and organize key points from the article o Translate the article into a brochure for a general, academic reading audience

An article review provides an opportunity to investigate advancements within an area of a discipline. It should challenge both your research and analytical skills as you report information and evaluate its significance. 

Assignment: This assignment will familiarize you with locating, evaluating, and discussing a scientific article related to your chosen course theme.  First, you will need to locate a peer reviewed journal article in the natural sciences. Once you review and annotate the source (for your own understanding), you will take the knowledge you have gained and share it in a way that allows a non-scientific audience to grasp the concepts. Instead of producing an essay, you will create a brochure.  You will need to document your source using APA style. Since the natural sciences use quotes sparingly, avoid using them in your brochure. Instead, utilize summary and paraphrase.  If you use more than one source, you will need to include parenthetical citations to denote which source provided information. Though quotes should be avoided if possible, use of quotes requires quotation marks and parenthetical citation. 

You are also encouraged to use charts/graphs/illustrations as needed, but be mindful not to let these dominate the piece. Also make sure visuals are readable. 

This assignment allows you a bit of creative freedom, so take advantage of it. Just make sure your brochure is informative and documented. It should relay to main points of the article and offer real insight. You can use more than one article, but remember to document all used sources, please. 

Also remember, for the natural sciences one should be as objective as possible, and use more formal language.  Though you are not required to use discipline-specific language, you are still to maintain formality. This includes using third-person only (so no first person I or second person you). 

The brochure should be 2 pages, front and back (see module example), and should utilize subheadings (e.g. Introduction).

Preparation First, read and annotate the source carefully. Take notes, highlight specific passages, and look up key terms that may seem confusing. Next, outline the main ideas from the article in the order that you will need to present them in your brochure. Note supporting facts and details that are necessary to understanding the main ideas. Consider what information is relevant to a nonscientific

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