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Deadline:  July 5, 2020
Instructions:  I will post the four articles in a short time
Thank You!

    Pls write a summary of the main points of each of these articles. 
    Your report containing the four critiques should be a total of 7 pages. So that is about 1 and 1/2 pages per article.
    Your report must accurately capture the main points and concepts discussed in each article.
    Each summary is to be written in your own words. Do not attempt to copy or modify the summary/abstract provided by the authors of the article. I can’t tell if you have learned anything if you do that (not to mention that this is plagiarism).  Also do not use any quotes in your summary. 

    Your summaries of each article should be in one file only.  Make sure you provide the info for each article (author, year, title, journal, issue, page numbers etc) at the top of each summary.  Each summary should capture the essential points of each article and conclude with a statement about what you learned from the article and how it will help you in your future career.

    Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt font.  Your paper should be double-spaced.
    Use 1″ margins. No large gaps between paragraphs. Each paragraph should be joined to the next paragraph. Begin each paragraph by indenting it 0.3″.
    PLS put title on the first page of your paper followed by your name. Your paper should be formatted properly as instructed above. Make sure you number each page.

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