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compare  and contrast jay Z’s 99 problems, the dangers of a single story ted talk
Discussion of assignment: Your aim is to make a coherent and compelling argument that goes beyond the obvious. For example, you could analyze the overt or blatant power setup in 99 Problems but a bitch aint one, and contrast that to the underlying or suggested elements of control or manipulation, referencing the idea of multiple stories from “The Dangers of the Single Story,” specifically showing how the Law article informs BOTH the cops and the perps, yet women are still treated as extras. You may want to think about the reader as a focal point of manipulation. Make sure your claim goes beyond the obvious, it must be arguable, interesting, provocative. Carefully define your terms and construct a coherent argument that “reads,” in detail, the passage you’ve chosen.

Tips for writing: A descriptive essay should include the following:

An arguable assertion (claim), such as These lyrics appeals to males through every detail and word, and glorifies an unfeeling, fascistic, sex-starved mentality; and though it educates male perps, women are treated as objects, both in the video, and in the chorus.

Vivid and compelling support, such as evocative descriptions, sensory words (rancid, shiny, scratchy, etc.), metaphors, logical progression

Overall impact, such as (the message is women serve men). The rhetorical emphasis for this essay is on Logic and argumentation. Your papers should move from a straightforward assertion, through details that

build the argument, carefully read the text, and bring in outside sources, ending with the wider impact–the so what–which ends the essay leaving us reeling and thoughtful.

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