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Video (Malcolm Gladwell at TedTalks)

The videos and the readings would hopefully have broadened your awareness of micro-agressions, the scope of diversity, factors that affect attitude, importance of personality, values, and overall “fit”, and how all these factors affect one’s drive, one’s motivation, one’s productivity, and performance in the workforce. 

Think of a time when you have felt uncomfortable or targeted because of your demographic status ( reflect on the range of demographic characteristics in your text and challenge yourself). I’m looking for more than a discussion about race or gender.  In the Assignment section, use facts and briefly describe the situation that occurred behaviorally (this means, describe what was said, seen, done, heard – I’m looking for observable behaviors. You may provide your perceptions later).  Describe how the experience affected your performance, your attitude, your emotion, your values, and your motivation to do the tasks you were required to perform at the time the event occurred and your fit.  What does your experience tell you about the importance of the topics from this lesson as it relates to performance? How do the readings from the text explain why your performance or your motivation are affected by the event? In a final paragraph, how do the readings help you understand why the topics we have gone over may be critical to an organization’s success? 

Provide a powerful summary, explaining how individual attributes like persons’ attitudes, values, or diverse background influence their behavior at work (or in university) and therefore the level of satisfaction they experience as well as their level of performance and productivity.

Keep in mind your analysis ought to draw from the relevant OB concepts for this lesson.  I will evaluate and grade your ability to connect and discuss the ways in which diversity management affects how a person behaves.  Try to think of all sides of your discussion and present a critical analysis of your thoughts.

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