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The research paper will be a 2000-word essay and can either be on a world religion or a current ethical issue.

If you choose to write on a world religion, your essay will consider. . .

This research paper on a world religion will consider the similarities between Christianity and another world religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. It will seek to answer the question of whether the similarities are significant or not.  The essay will include a biography of the person who started the religion, an overview of their teachings, how those teachings are similar to and different from Christianity, and an explanation of the significance of those differences and similarities.

If you choose to write on an ethical issue, you may choose from the following topics: gay marriage, capital punishment., abortion, physician assisted suicide, gun control, immigration or a subject that the student would like to suggest. (Subject to teachers approval.) It should contain at least three points in favor of the position the student argues as well as counters to those arguments and responses.
Your essay should contain at least one resource per page. Online resources are allowed but should be balanced with hard copy sources.

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