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The role of the nurse advocate is a significant part of the content in NURS 415. Select an issue of personal or professional interest, or one which might be pertinent to your practice, e.g., violence, safe practice, coworker substance abuse, staffing issues, nurse recruitment, child/spouse/elder abuse, current legislation etc. Research the issue in terms of its influence on our society. Consider how the profession of nursing is impacted by this issue and nurses reaction to this issue. Use 3-4 references NOT including the texts.

As a practicing registered nurse, you need to respond to this issue by writing a letter to an appropriate agency or politician, participating in a lobbying effort, providing some type of educational session to your colleagues or the public, etc. Include a summary of the action you took in your paper. You will also submit this action item using a separate link in Module 8.

* Do not have to use the sources provided in the outline, those just was sources I found online*

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