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The project assesses your ability to use a multiple regression analysis to analyze a Covid19 data set (provided). You are welcome to use additional data. You will decide the question(s) of interest and develop hypotheses from your ideas.

1. Cover Page

2. Abstract: A one paragraph summary of what you set out to learn, and what you ended up finding.  It should summarize the entire report.  (put it on its on page)

3.Introduction: A discussion of what questions you are interested in, why its important and why readers should care. Expand on how this topic is important and why we should focus on this.

4. Data Set: Describe details about how the data set was collected and the variables in the data set. Use only those variables that you choose to use. Each data set should have a location of origination. Where did you get it? (Saying that Dr. Garcia gave it you is not appropriate.)
1.Descriptive Table

5. Analysis: Describe how you used multiple regression to analyze the data set.  Specifically, you should discuss how you carried out the steps in analysis discussed in class, i.e., exploration of data to find an initial reasonable model, checking the model and changes to the model based on your checking of the model.   
1. (You are welcome to use an ANOVA or two group model as well but check with me first.)

6. Results: Provide inferences about the questions of interest and discussion. What did you learn? What are the results of your study.
1. Regression results table
2. Figure(s)

7. Conclusion: Describe any limitations of your study and how they might be overcome in future research and provide brief conclusions about the results of your study.
1. Conclusion
2. Limitations of study
3. Continued research…what should the next person study?

8. Works Cited Page
1. Formatting is up to you. Be consistent (APA, MLA, etc..)

9. Tables and Graphics: Include throughout paper below is the minimum requirement.
1. Tables
2. Figures (Graphs and Visualizations)

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