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Our world has significantly been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.  Individuals have faced multiple personal challenges and organizations have been tasked with addressing the changing needs of their employees and customers.

In this assignment you will be asked to view the video below and respond to the challenge question in 300-400 words (maximum) using the concepts that have been presented in this course.  Treat this writing assignment as a business work product and use relevant terms from the lesson in your summary. Ensure that you proof your work (for grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, use citations when necessary and be sure to address every aspect of the challenge question.  A basic grading guide is included in the course syllabus under the heading Class Assignments.

Challenge Question:

As a leader of Soaring Eagle Technologies, you have transitioned your team to a completely virtual structure due to COVID-19.  The team has all been working remotely for the past 3 months and you recently learned that they will now be required to transition back to the office to work in-person in 3 weeks.  You are receiving significant resistance by the team as they are now used to working remotely and are happy with this arrangement.

In 300-400 words describe your approach to transitioning your team back to the office.  Focus on the concepts in each of the modules, particularly in regard to negotiation, conflict, moods/emotion, job satisfaction, motivation, group/team dynamics, leadership, and communication.

Video Link:

Impact of COVID-19 on Organizational Change | Prosci

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