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Please create a social media-only campaign for a new soft drink called Jazz. This is a diet cola only, with a very, very high caffeine count. The soda will be introduced July 1. The social media campaign will kick off Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day weekend. The product is only available in a single market, the greater Madison, WI market. You can choose the demo you want to target..

Jazz, at a minimum, will have a main Facebook page called Jazz and a second page called Jazz Dance. The Twitter feed will be @jazzdrink and @jazzdance. There will also be a YouTube channel and a SnapChat filter for businesses that serve Jazz.

Please include what you would put on both Facebook pages, samples of the Tweets sent for each phase, and what type of videos would be created for YouTube. Create a Calendar for the summer showing the mediums used and what will be posted. Include an estimate as to how much this campaign would cost.

Also, please explain how the campaign will be different for a B2C audience and a B2B audience.

It is important to specifically target Jazz to only one persona. Who is that customer? Why did you pick them? Describe their social media usage throughout a typical day.

Note: this is a fictional product. For this project we are only creating a social media plan. In the real world, a project like this would be supported by traditional media as well. So don’t include any radio, TV, billboards and such. Just social media.

Create a presentation (Powerpoint, Word doc or pdf)

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