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This journal has 3 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: In your own words and perspective, list 4 important things you learned  about legal types of business ownership.

Paragraph 2: What are the typical characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?  Do you possess any of these traits?

Paragraph 3:  Refer to Chapters 4 and 5 in the textbookand the videos and PPTs for answering the following 2 questions:

Q 1). If you were to start a business, what would be your first two choices of LEGAL forms of business ownership? (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation,etc.) 

Q2. What are the taxation issues and personal liability issues for each of the two legal ownership forms of business you named in Q1.?

Worth 20 points. Each paragraph should be at least 50-100 words and demonstrate thought, detail and care and understanding of topic.

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