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The purchasing process may be as simple as selecting an item near the checkout counter. It may be as complicated as creating a detailed bid specification that states a customer product need and requirement list and making this bid public for numerous companies to respond to.

    Exhibit 3.1 describes an example of an organizational buying process. In your own words, describe the possible steps in the purchasing process. In any given company, what persons or departments may be involved in the purchasing process?
    Choose a company that you are not familiar with.  Research the company and identify important information about the company that a salesperson must consider when planning a sales call to that company. How might the needs and interests differ among persons that may be a part of the purchasing process?
    Explain the role that a decision maker, an influencer, and an advocate champion might play as a salesperson develops the account sales plan.

Compose a thoughtful essay , excluding references, and include at least 2 scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. Your essay must be in current APA format.

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