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Huthwaites SPIN sales technique is used by large and small sales organizations with tremendous success.

    Referring to Exhibit 10.5 in the text, provide 7 retorts to a customers objection of your product costs too much!
    Identify each element of the SPIN sales technique and explain in your own words each step and how they build upon one another to develop a sense of urgency in a customers mind toward the product being presented.
    Case Problem 9.1, Question 2, attach a (PowerPoint) presentation detailing your response(s).
    Explain what could be stated for each slide in PowerPoint NotesView as if you were presenting the presentation to an end-user audience.
    How might a salesperson use an objection to close the sale? Explain in detail.

Compose a thoughtful essay of at least 1,000 words, excluding references, and include at least 2 scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. Your essay must be in current APA format.

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