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When writing your essay, you must connect the interview to the overall themes and concepts from our class, such as being silenced versus speaking out, oppression versus resistance, structural hierarchies and subordination, controlling images and their symbolic function, how women of color critique mainstream feminism, and how they critique patriarchy and sexism within communities of color, etc. Using at least 2 readings from the class, and 1 outside reading, you will use the essay to describe the context to the interviewees story and to analyze it.

Essays should be 5 full pages, NOT INCLUDING TITLE PAGE AND WORKS CITED PAGEdouble-spaced, Times New Roman or similar size font (12), have a title and title page, a works cited page, and include MLA or Chicago Manuel Style citations and formatting. Include at least 3 bibliographic sources: at least 2 readings from class and at least 1 outside reading (academic or non-scholarly blogs, news reports, radio interviews and more) in the essay.

YOU NEED TO WRITE THE ESSAY BASED ON THE TRANSCRIPTIONS OF THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW! Using at least 2 readings from the class (I upload), and 1 outside reading. If you want to add someting in the transcription, please do it.

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