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Answer to take-home test question should be a short essay (800-1000 words)
Your answer should use full sentences, be well-organized and clearly written
The essay should demonstrate good grasp of the main concepts in policy analysis.
Be sure to give definitions of key terms in your own words.
Your essay should be uploaded to online Assignments link before 12:00 pm (noon) on Nov 25, 2020
Please review WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT POLICY in the course outline for late penalties and Academic Integrity guidelines.

With reference to lecture material and assigned reading, explain how industry regulations such as scheduling quotas and spending requirements are used to support the creation of Canadian media content. Using specific examples from Policy Sources 9 and 10, outline different types of content quotas established for Canadian radio and television and explain how they work. Describe the elements of CRTC expenditure rules for TV in the 2010 policy and explain how they are applied to large ownership groups. In your view, how well do these two different types of industry regulation work to create shelf space for Canadian music and television programs? How could they be changed or improved?

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