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In this section, you will develop a plan to implement, which will support your development and personal growth as a leader of self.

No outside resources are needed. In this section, create a set of aligned measurable activities that you will follow in your life. There are several ways you might want to consider approaching this, although the format is up to you. One method is to write your 3-5 most important values. Define what you need to do to follow each value and what you would have to do to not follow your values. Then for each value, define a long-range goal (3-5 years). Medium-term goals (1-2 years) and short-term goals (< 1 year) to accomplish these.  Another approach might be to create a chart with all the various areas covered in class. Within this chart, show using measurable goals and dates and what you will do to make progress in this area.
Regardless of the approach you take, show what processes, changes in behavior, lifestyle, tools, and other resources which you will use after class to make progress towards your plan

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