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*Have genuine faith and practice faith will save us/Pious belief triumph over evil (YOU MAY CHANGE TO A MORE ATTRACTIVE TOPIC NAME) You must follow an argumentative essay format. This is a very theological and spiritual level of essay. The writer needs to make 3 to 4 supporting points, separate to individual body point on the topic how a person can overcome EVIL negativities in life when they have a faith toward God or have a belief? Some of the points, the writer may want to address in the essay: **Doing good should also come from the heart because people genuinely feel happy and satisfied when they help others. Being kind to others and avoiding harming them is an inner satisfaction of self to establish good relationships with people and God and not an intention to be treated similarly. ** In the context of demons, humans also play key roles in justifying their existence. However, in cases where demons appears even if we do good, people should pray and seek help from God. Nonetheless, doing good alone is not an effective approach to completely eliminating evil because suffering and hardships will continue happening as part of spiritual lessons. Evil does not contribute exclusively to suffering, but God initiates suffering to teach believers some life lessons. people should pray always and do good from their hearts guided by the love they have for one another. *** Humans play key roles in allowing demons to exist. Peoples actions on earth welcome the demons or distracts them. Doing good keeps the demons away but dwelling in evil attracts the demons to haunt our lives. Such negative beings undermine the religiosity, faith, and commitment that one has towards God. However, when demons come in our lives even if we do good, as Christians, we need to pray and summon the highest source of light for divine intervention. I need it to mainly focus on Buddhism and Christianity point of view So body paragraphs, we need to present cramps or supporting pints (These can be books and current events articles) For instance, a illness cancer person diagnosed Then continuous have faith, ultimately defeat the illness demon MLA format is preferred This is not only academic related, but most importantly I want to find a spiritual writer who understands my points and knows how to write these spirituality point of view Topic: Have genuine faith and practice faith will save us/Pious belif triumph over evil No matter what religious belief they have, an individual must have faith and practice it regularly We can talk about all beliefs are OnEness good Someone has faith in God or ALLAH or practicing Buddhism, have saved them have witnessed the existence of miracles And we can also talk about, god and all the divine deities are there to desperately have our human being to ask helps from them as they want to see more people awakened on this earth. We need to have faith and belief from our heart and being genuine and ask for help, yet being grateful toward the blessings God and the divine gave us We need to argue more on a spiritual point of view then focusing on certain religion point of view Human being doesnt need to follow certain traditions or ways To seek help from spiritual realm Some of the argumentative point of HOW HAVE faith will OVER TRIUMP EVIL THEME can be: *If demon knocks our door, then shall we remain faith to the God, to the Divine, and continuously pray and meditate, will ultimately defeat the demon’s existence. *If one did certain things wrongly to achieve his or her self-success, then they go on for pray for forgiveness. God usually forgive, but this individual continue and repeat the same wrong pattern. He or she tends to use the WRONG to erase the WRONG. Knowing that evil people or thing will ultimately pays off as karmic does involves in our life. If we don’t see our wrongs come back to haunt us this lifetime, it will surely follow to our afterlife and our soul is the one which ultimately has to pay off. We should never intend to do things beyond our heart, do not try to do evil. Kindness and Generosity will ultimately defeat the evil. *If an individual receives illness, and he/she questions and doubts to GOD because he/she is always a good person with kind heart. Why will illness knock on his/her door? Suffering is one way to be enlightened. Suffering this lifetime will ultimately bring you brightness to the next lifetime. Trust and do not complain, continue being the kind you and will ultimately defeated the evil spirits within your body. -Anger plays as a negativity EVILNESS within ourselves. We should remain balanced and happy, no matte how things, others, and societies treat us. We should always see it as a positive attitude. We should not judge how much pain we go through, We should not complain how unlucky life treats us, We should not lost the faith in God. We should even learn to appreciate the good and the bad in life, as good bring in satisifbaction and appreciation within us. the bad allow our soul to learn and grow. We should not complain and show anger to others, even strangers. We should understand other’s perspective.. Above are some of my points, you can surely break down to your argumentative points. KNOWING that this is a highly vibrational essay, involves with a lot of morality and faith toward spiritual realm. We need to make it perfect. Thank you.

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