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Students are required to submit a two-page critical appraisal of a written article from a media outlet that covers material relevant to the course. The article you choose must be freely accessible online and an active link to the article must be included as part of the submission. Example articles and outlets from which you may draw from will be discussed in an online video module several weeks before the submission is due. Each critical appraisal paper should begin by providing a brief summary of the main point(s) conveyed in your chosen article and describe how these points relate to material covered in the course. Next, the majority of the paper should be dedicated to address any of the following questions: Does the media article advance existing knowledge or offer a new perspective on the material covered in class? Which assumptions are made by the article, and to what extent are they valid assumptions? If your chosen article provides practical recommendations for organizations and/or employees, do you consider these to be grounded in evidence based on what we have covered in class? Why do you think the article is either valuable or harmful based on its message? When reflecting on the chosen article, please use specific examples from the course to support each of your points.

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